Tooth Replacement

Tooth Replacement

Anyone who’s ever lost a tooth knows how traumatic it can be. Whether a result of a facial injury, decay or even periodontal disease, no one wants to be without a tooth — or worse, several teeth. Thankfully, there are options.


Fixed Bridge

Up until just a few years ago, unattractive metal bridges or partial dentures were often the primary way to replace teeth. Teeth typically looked bluish or gray due to the metal interior, and are a cosmetically inferior alternative.

Today, however, bridges can be constructed entirely from porcelain and permanently bonded to neighboring teeth. Dr. Eastin only uses the most advanced materials and techniques to design all-porcelain bridges, ensuring that the patient’s new smile is not only beautiful, but also strong enough to last a lifetime.


Dental Implant

Missing teeth can also be replaced with implants. This procedure comes as close to replacing the entire tooth as is possible in modern dentistry. Implanted teeth, like natural teeth, are actually affixed to the jaw structure of the mouth. The crowned implant results in a natural looking smile that is stronger, and often more beautiful, than that which nature gave you. The restored implant is created entirely from porcelain, allowing Dr. Eastin to design a tooth that looks as natural as any other tooth in your mouth.