Success Stories

What a wonderful experience! You have completely transformed my smile. My friends say, “You look so happy lately!” Well, I am. This is truly the best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you!

- Pat

Until now, I’ve spent my entire adult life trying to hide my teeth. I never smiled. Little did I realize how much joy my embarrassment had stolen from me. Thanks to you, I’m smiling all the time and loving every minute of it!

- Ross

Never before have I experienced such gentle and comfortable dental procedures. The explanations of procedures are very clearly given, and I always feel that Dr. Eastin and his staff value my thoughts and opinions. I trust his knowledge, skill and workmanship, and I can rest easy that I am receiving the highest quality care.

- Kathleen Kasar

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed my visits to your office. I used to get really nervous about visiting the dentist. You and your staff have made me feel very comfortable. It’s also great to know that you are concerned with my overall health and not just my teeth.

- Leslie Benning

My husband and I feel fortunate to have such a confident and caring dentist. His work and manners are exceptionally outstanding, and we feel totally comfortable during dental sessions. We highly recommend him to anyone in need of an exceptional dentist.

- Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bibin, Sr.

After years of trying to get my dental problems solved, Dr. Eastin has been a godsend. My husband and I are relieved that we can depend on Dr. Eastin and his staff to take good care of all our dental needs.

- Amy Hirsch

I have total confidence in Dr. Eastin’s knowledge and wisdom as a dentist. He is a leader in his field and continually seeks out the latest and most effective techniques. I know with each visit that I am entrusting myself to a true professional.

- Julie Hoss

In working with you and your staff, I can honestly say that for the first time, I actually looked forward to my dental visits. Your expert care and knowledge regarding natural and mercury free dental options were most impressive as well and in line with my own research and writings. Perhaps, most of all, I was impressed with your understanding that as a “teeth grinder”, I needed a simple night guard to protect my metal free restorations. You have proactively protected my pocketbook and safeguarded my health.

- Ann Louise Gittleman, author of How to Stay Young and Healthy in a Toxic World and The Fat Flush Plan

It’s great to have a dentist like Dr. Eastin in the Coeur d’Alene area! His care is very gentle, unhurried and relaxed. I would trust Dr. Eastin to take care of all my dental needs. His entire staff is great — friendly, competent and very professional.

- Jennifer Scoville