Smile Makeovers & Design

Smile Makeovers & Design

Have you ever dreamed of a great smile? Straight, even, white teeth that look and feel perfectly natural?

You can stop dreaming. The possibilities are endless. Metal fillings can be made naturally white. Chipped or worn teeth can be made smooth and perfect again. Gapped or twisted teeth can be transformed into a straight and even smile — without braces. Even short, dark and broken teeth can become a perfect smile. It’s possible. And it’s what you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Eastin works directly with each patient to design a smile in perfect proportion to your bone and facial structure, using a series of sophisticated facial measurements to ensure a natural appearance. Often, a combination of veneers, crowns, inlays/onlay, and bridges helps to create the masterpiece. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are custom crafted and bonded to your teeth to correct the color, shape and alignment of your teeth.

The procedure is in no way complicated. The affected teeth undergo a simple preparation, and natural looking temporaries are placed so that your teeth look and feel normal. At the next visit, the resin temporaries are replaced with lifelike porcelain restorations, bonded to the natural tooth structure. The entire process usually takes no more than two to three visits, so an entirely new look and a new outlook can be obtained literally overnight. Your new smile is gorgeous, and you will feel incredible!

Please visit our Smile Gallery for examples of Dr. Eastin’s smile makeovers.