Patient Comfort

Patient Comfort

Even with the advances of 21st century dentistry, most of our guests are a bit nervous when they come from a visit. We understand and go the extra mile to do everything we can to pamper you. Our entire team makes every effort to ensure your visits with us are as safe, relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Please enjoy the following items on our “Comfort Menu”:

  • Media selections. We offer a wide variety of media selections for your appointment.
  • Cable television, DVD movies. Use our virtual reality glasses and watch the news, sporting events, a movie or your favorite program during your appointment.
  • Music. Every room is equipped with stereo headphones. Listen to our huge variety of music or bring along some of your favorite CD’s.
  • Our dental chairs are covered with Tempurpedic chair cushions for unbelievable comfort.
  • Warm blankets and soft pillows are always available to keep you comfy.
  • Thirsty? Check out our complementary beverage bar. You’ll find it stocked with some tasty treats and refreshments.

Relaxation Dentistry

For long appointments, for people who have difficulty getting numb or for people who have avoided the dentist for years out of fear and anxiety, Dr. Eastin is specially trained to offer the service of relaxation dentistry. The procedure involves taking an extraordinarily safe sleeping pill and does not involve the use of an IV needle. Even better, the sleeping pill that is used has the added benefit of allowing you to forget most, if not all, of your visit. Any dental procedure can be completed using this relaxation technique, and most people choose to take care of all their dental needs in as little as two appointments.