Full-Mouth Rejuvenation

Full-Mouth Rejuvenation

Full Mouth Restoration

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Dentistry’s Face Lift

When you observe yourself over a period of decades, it is virtually impossible to detect the wearing down of the teeth. But over time things do change, and often the change is dramatic. Teeth that wear down over decades can contribute to a subtle but significant breakdown in the entire facial form and structure — producing an aged appearance. Shortening of the lower third of the face and a shift from an ovoid face to a squarer look is a common result of a worn or “over closed” bite. Jowls, deep creases around the mouth, or a chin that seems to be changing over time are common conditions caused by worn out teeth. Worn teeth also tend to get chipped, darker, and shorter over time.

One of the finest services provided by Dr. Eastin is the complete restoration of a mouth using the lifelike porcelain materials. With modern computerized neuromuscular and cosmetic dental techniques, it is now possible to reverse the effects of time and restore one’s teeth to their original condition. And with that restoration, often comes a return to the former, youthful shape. Such a restoration can change a person’s life and attitude, and certainly improve the quality of our survival as we live longer.

Dr. Eastin has received extensive training in full-mouth restoration and the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and is one of a select few dentists trained to provide this service. Full-mouth restoration can dramatically improve your bite as well as the appearance of your smile and face.